Thursday, April 2, 2009

help wanted:

the nevada rally cannot take place without volunteers!

all duties are as easy to perform as they are fun!

most volunteers (90%) are needed to write the current time on teams’ rally logs.

that’s it!

there are several time ranges for which you can volunteer on saturday, october 3:
  • midday
  • mid afternoon
  • late afternoon/early evening
  • evening
we also need somebody willing to be our sweep driver. you will need a reliable 4x4 and a little patience as you follow the last of the teams as they make their way to the finish line. winches, high-lift jack, shovel, etc. would be nice, but we’ve never had to use any of that equipment. sweep has assisted, in the past, in a few tire changes. so, any tools to hasten that act is a plus.

anyone interested in volunteering for the rally should contact me directly:

cache you later,
monty wolf

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