Monday, September 14, 2009

on a sad note

dear rally teams, volunteers and friends:

it is with great regret that i must announce the cancellation of the nevada rally!

despite numerous emails and forum requests to organize an event, i have not received enough entries to pay for timing devices, trophies, toilets, hotel rooms (for rally hq and officials), radios, cache containers, printing, food, signs, etc., to stage the event, which, in addition to the rally itself, was also intended to be a means to organize future rallies.

the present economy has been rough on us all and the rally certainly is not something that most of us can afford at this time.

i want to extend great debts of thanks to rick (rrinnv) and robert & betsy (the buggy bunch) for your unwavering faith and support and thank you to those teams who did support the nevada rally through your entries and a huge thank you to the many volunteers (there were almost 3 volunteers for every team member, not teams) for your willingness to help the rally run smoother and give the teams the wonderful time they’ve come to expect from past rallies; i am very sorry for not being able to justify your faith and letting all of you down and want you to know that your friendships make this announcement even more difficult to release.

to those of you who did enter: the checks for your entry fees that you submitted with your entry forms have been voided and will be returned to you.

i really wanted to take you on the off-road adventure that rick and i have been designing over the past 8-months.

sincerely yours,
monty wolf

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