Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Let the Fun Begin

since returning to nevada last december i have been developing ideas for a new rally, a one-day (day into night) rally with streamlined rules and more creativity in placing/hiding caches and the types of caches used and a dinner at approximately the mid-point of the rally, included in the entry fee; an awards breakfast would take place on the following morning.

my reason for creating a new rally was simple: i love doing it!

also, during the i'll-fated period when i was living in california, there was a big hole left in nevada for a competition rally in an off-road setting.

it wasn’t long before rrinnv and i and willbeee and i were out exploring the deserts and i started to think: “this would make a great rally course!”

originally, i was looking at the inaugural rally being mid-may of 2010.

now that it has been announced that gbes will, indeed, not be running an off-road rally, and receiving several requests to “get back in the rally business”, i have been considering moving up the time frame to october 10, 2009.

at this time i have explored 5 possible rally routes with 3 or 4 other routes waiting to be scouted.

i have also spent several hours writing a new set of rules. the rally would be similar to the rallies that i used to produce, but the rules will be easier to read and interpret.

it would take a little effort, but i can have a rally ready for october 2009, since i have about the same amount of time to organize it as i did when i was building the old rallies.

but, i need a commitment from teams that they will compete this fall.

fees will be around $120 for a two-person team, plus $60 for each additional team member.

there will be 3 competition and one champion for each category:
  • 2-person team
  • 3-person team
  • 4-person team
2-person teams will not compete against 3- and 4-person etc. there will be no single overall champion.

the rally would begin on an early saturday afternoon (possibly on oct. 10 at around 1pm-2pm) and run into the dark with the first car arriving at the finish line at around 10pm and a dinner break, included in the entry fee, around the mid-point.

why the single-day (day into night) rally instead of friday night and saturday midday?

since i first introduced the night element to my rallies many teams have expressed dissatisfaction with having to learn the ins and outs of the rally while it’s dark. now you’ll have a chance to refine those skills before the sunsets.

by putting all miles into one day i can design courses that venture into more remote and interesting places.

providing there is interest and the economy improves by then my long range annual rally plans are:
  • october 2009: fall in rally (limit: 15 teams)
  • may 2010: nevada ghost town rally (limit: 40 teams)
  • october 2010 fall invitational rally (limit: 15 teams)
  • may 2011 tba rally (limit: 40 teams)
  • october 2011 fall invitational rally (limit: 15 teams)
beginning in 2010 the fall invitational rallies will be open to previous rally participants and may be staged out of more remote nevada towns like hawthorne, austin, lovelock and tonopah.

in the meantime, what i need to begin preparing to run an event this october based out of fallon is a commitment from at least 10 teams that they will compete.


oh, i’m also going to need volunteers to help run the actual rally, too.

monty wolf

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