Friday, March 27, 2009

nevada rally update: 3/27/09

hi rally teams and volunteers:

the poll to put in your $.02 on the date of this fall's nevada rally ends this monday. if the date really matters to you: place your vote above.

your choices are:
  • oct. 3, 2009
  • oct. 10, 2009
  • oct. 17, 2009
  • any saturday in october, 2009
speaking of dates in october: i have just learned that a 100 mile bicycle race has been scheduled for october 3, which is the date that is leading in the poll at this time. with a limit of just 15 teams for the october rally, i'm fairly sure this will not affect the number of rooms available on that weekend. it may, however, affect the room rate for that weekend. if you think this will conflict with the rally: vote now.

also new today on the blog: what participants have said about rallies produced by the nevada rally team. recall what you said about your rally experience and see what others had to say theirs. some of them are quite fun to read!

i have been working on the entry blanks for the rally and will have them available soon after we settle on the date.

i will give everyone advanced notice of when those entry blanks will be available for download. with only 15 teams permited in the fall rally, the number of available entries will not last long. payment must accompany your entry form and available entries will be first-come: first-served. for this first rally payment will need to be made by check or money order only. sorry for the inconvenience - we'll be much more business-like by the spring '10 rally. i promise!

i'm pretty certain that the entry fees for the october rally will be $125 for two-person teams, plus $65 for each additional member, up to four team members. certainly, that will be firmed-up by the time i release forms. i'm still looking at foodcosts for the remote meal, included in the entry fee.

i've been developing another type of checkpoint bonus. i'm not yet sure if it will be offered in addition to the traditional checkpoint bonus caches or as an alternative. you will have plenty of time to bone-up on the method when i have all the possiblities worked out.

you can also expect a greater variety of caches. in addition to traditional route caches and multi-caches, we will be adding puzzle caches that will require a little more brainpower than previous rallies and there will be progressive caches: we'll give you the locat. of the first progressive cache. the locat. of the second prog. cache will be the first prog. cache's codeword, and so on. we are still finallizing the course as weather permits, but if it works out like i hope, you will see the return of adventure caches.

all team members, including drivers, are eligable to hunt for all caches, except checkpoint bonus caches.

the rulebook is still being edited, but i expect to be able to make it available to you in the next week or two. if you have competed in the gbes rallies that i have produced, you will be very familiar with the rules.

i'm also working on trophies and awards for each competition category.

have a great weekend!


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